After conducting a successful live online six week long Mindfulness Meditation camp in conjunction with the happiness course by Dr. Raj, Dr. Swati has been conducting once a week live online Mindfulness Meditation sessions with international audience. If you want to register for these sessions, please give us your email by clicking HERE.

Past Workshops and Online Sessions:

Since 1998, Dr. Swati has conducted several successful workshops in 1) Relationships, 2) Stress reduction, 3) Cross-cultural parenting and 4) Meditation as a psychological tool.

1. Online Mindfulness Camp

Index For The Six Week Long Aloha Mindfulness Camp By Dr. Swati Desai Offered By Dr. Raj As A Bonus To His Happiness Course.


July 25, 2015       Session 1:             Introduction to ALOHAF Mindfulness Camp

July 26, 2015       Session 2:            First steps to Mindfulness with a cup of tea, coffee or another object

July 27, 2015       Session 3:            A bit of history, research study, a story on Mindfulness and a meditation

July 28, 2015       Session 4:            A Mindfulness Activity, meditation and a story on Mindfulness

July 29, 2015       Session 5:            A long meditation on listening to music and talking about Mindfulness

July 30, 2015       Session 6:            Mindfulness activities, and some readings on Mindfulness

July 31, 2015       Session 7:             The start-off of Mindfulness Meditations


Aug 01, 2015       Session 1:             The origin of Mindfulness plus the “Walking Meditation”

Aug 02, 2015       Session 2:            Breath Awareness Meditation Method 1

Aug 03, 2015       Session 3:            Breath Awareness Meditation Method 2

Aug 04, 2015       Session 4:            Breath Awareness Meditation Method 3

Aug 05, 2015       Session 5:            Breath Awareness Meditations deferred methods plus some stories

Aug 06, 2015       Session 6:            Meditation with Goenkaji and some more talking on Mindfulness

Aug 06, 2015       Session 7:            How Mindfulness came about and meditation



Aug 07, 2015       Session 1:            Last session on Breath Awareness

Aug 08, 2015       Session 2:            Attention to Body Sensations

Aug 09, 2015       Session 3:            Long version of a Body Sensation Meditation

Aug 10, 2015       Session 4:            Another Body Awareness Meditation

Aug 11, 2015       Session 5:             Meditations on Stress and Anxiety

Aug 12, 2015       Session 6:            Continuing on Anxiety Meditation

Aug 13, 2015       Session 7:            Yet another Meditation on Anxiety



Aug 14, 2015       Session 1:             Meditation on Sleep

Aug 15, 2015       Session 2:`           Dealing with Chronic Pain

Aug 16, 2015       Session 3:             Loving Kindness and Compassion Meditation

Aug 17, 2015       Session 4:             Holding others around us in Loving Kindness Compassion

Aug 18, 2015       Session 5:            Questions and Answers on Compassion

Aug 19, 2015       Session 6:            Gratitude

Aug 20, 2015       Session 7:            Elaborating on Gratitude



Aug 21, 2015       Session 1:             Comparing other kinds of Meditations to Mindfulness Meditation

Aug 22, 2015       Session 2:            Deliberation on the 2Meditate app and reviewing the Camp so far

Aug 23, 2015       Session 3:            Self Compassion and Acceptance

Aug 24, 2015       Session 4:            Self Compassion and Dr. Kristin Neff’s Scale

Aug 25, 2015       Session 5:            Self Compassion

Aug 26, 2015       Session 6:            Self Compassion Continued……..

Aug 27, 2015       Session 7:            Self Compassion Continued part 2……..



Aug 28, 2015       Session 1:            Neuroscience

Aug 29, 2015       Session 2:            Problem Solving

Aug 30, 2015       Session 3:            Feeling Awareness

Aug 31, 2015       Session 4:            Feeling Awareness Continued

Sep 01, 2015       Session 5:             Anger

Sep 02, 2015       Session 6:            Open Awareness

Sep 03, 2015       Session 7:            Open Awareness Continued

Sep 04, 2015       Session 8:            Yoga and Mindfulness

Sep 05, 2015       Session 9:            Things you should know about Mindfulness ****

Sep 06, 2015       Session 10:          Conclusion ****

**** The above index is made up according to the morning (AM) sessions in the online spreadsheet. However, the last date entries (Sept 6, 2015) reflect the morning (AM) and evening (PM) sessions in the spreadsheet respectively.

Five Minute Tips
     a. SERIES 1 – Be At Ease With Yourself
     b. SERIES 2 – Are You Afraid? Deal With It

Meditation Made Easy
     a. Mindfulness For Beginners
     b. Mindfulness Meditation Tutorials

Mindfulness Meditation Related Workshops and Groups

TITLE Time Duration Place Content
REDUCE STRESS AND THINK INNOVATIVE!MINDFUL WAY. 1 and 30 minutes Young professional students, in India and the US Mindfulness Meditation practice can be used not only for reducing stress, but also for solving problems creatively. The same tool can be used for doing two essential things we need to achieve in modern work life. This experiential workshop teaches specific practices.
FROM MORNING SHOWER TO BEING HAPPIER. 3 MINDFUL STEPS. 1 hour and 30 minutes Groups in India and the US This workshop outlines three simple steps, starting with Mindfulness practice, to skillfully move towards happier and fear free life. This experiential workshop tell you the philosophical and practical aspects of these steps.
ONGOING SITTING MEDITATION GROUP All Wednesdays,9 am 1 hour and 15 minutes Akasha Center,520, Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Ongoing sitting meditation support group, with guided meditations to train the mind in mindfulness and in compassion. Group provides support for the meditation practice and for difficult life issues that may come up.
ONGOING SITTING MEDITATION GROUP All Saturdays,10 am 1 hour and 15minutes Same as above Same as above, with some meditations added for contemplation on finding the direction in life.
WORKSHOP “POWER OF MEDITATION” Next one TBA 1 hour and a half Same as above Workshop to understand the philosophy and the practice of mindfulness meditations. Geared towards establishing a regular practice.
ONE-ON-ONE MEDITATION TEACHINGS Email to set a time 1 hour session, 3 to 4 times Same as above Sessions to understand the philosophy and the practice of mindfulness meditations, in a private setting.
WORKSHOP“DEEPEN THE COUPLE CONNECTION” Email to get the schedule, also done with one couple only 3 hour session, followed by one individual 1 hour session. Same as above Couples who want to stay together, yet would like to have a different way of communicating with each other, in a deeper and compassionate way.