Dr. Brian, education specialist

“Dr. Desai is flexible in her approach, which allows for a more personal fit. It wasn’t long before I started discovering new things about myself, ways of dealing with feelings, and finding pathways in which to deal with my emotions and self-beliefs. I have found peace and calm, something that has taken over 40 years to do.”

Amber Banks, teacher

I feel as though this workshop has opened up a new world for me that will help me for the rest of my life. This workshop is amazing for people who wish to strengthen their minds and bodies.

Liston Witherwill, student and city employee

The Power of meditation class has helped me to be more mindful of my actions. With Swati’s guidance, I have been able to better control my moods and be a happer person..

L. Brooks Model/Author

I have enjoyed working with Swati very much. She creates a sacred, safe space for me to release anything that should come up during our sessions..

Client A

I have been receiving EMDR treatment from Swati for a few months. EMDR seems to awaken the positive part of me and help me to get rid of the unnecessary self-criticism…

M & N

Without Swati, there is a good chance that we would’nt be still together. She helped us to create a solid foundation to grow from…


Group and Guided Meditation Practice facilitates compliance and provides personal enrichment and insight, Swati is an excellent guide…


Excellent mix of your ideas, anecdotes, interaction with others in the group, and the practice of meditation…


The Power of Meditation is a very “User-Friendly” seminar that teaches one a very approachable way to practice…

N.D., Lawyer

Swati is deeply dedicated to her students. She fosters a warm and cordial group setting. I learned tools that I will use for a lifetime…