Dr. Brian, education specialist

I came to know Dr. Swati Desai while I was making a difficult career and geographic transition. Not being one who was good with change, I found myself suffering from panic attacks and depression. I entered my doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Desai with some hesitation. It was one more new thing that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to try.  By the end of the second session I realized that her style of therapy, which embraces both western and eastern philosophies, was just what I was looking for. In short, her style of practice afforded me more tools and avenues to deal with the concerns I had.  Dr. Desai is flexible in her approach, which allows for a more personal fit. It wasn’t long before I started discovering new things about myself, ways of dealing with feelings, and finding pathways in which to deal with my emotions and self-beliefs. I have found peace and calm, something that has taken over 40 years to do. Dr. Desai is supportive, insightful, and a scholar in her field.  I am thankful for her and highly recommend her to others.