Born in India and trained as a computer programmer, Swati came to Los Angeles in the early eighties as a graduate student at UCLA. She received her Ph.D in management from the Anderson School at UCLA and also worked and taught in the field of Computer Information Systems. In 1993, after years of dabbling in Jungian Psychology as a curious layman, she started working as a paraprofessional counselor. Within a year, she started her graduate work in Clinical Social Work and received her MSW from UCLA and eventually her LCSW license to practice in California.

Since 1993, Dr. Swati has worked in the field of mental health in various capacities: Paraprofessional Counselor at Southern California Counseling Center, Intern at Didi Hirsch Mental Health center working in the Day Rehabilitation program for people suffering from a serious mental illness, Supervisor and Therapist on staff at Women Helping Women Services, Therapist at Kaiser Permanente, Mental Health Consultant for South Asia Network and SAHARA working on mental health issues of victims of domestic violence  within the South Asian community, Board Member at SAHARA, Therapist in residence at Indian School of Business, India (2003-2004), Therapist in private practice in Los Angeles area since 1998, and founder (2015) of 2meditate — an App and Website for creating a global community of Mindfulness Meditators.

Dr. Swati is trained in bio-psycho-social approach, which attends not only to the deep psychological issues facing a person, but also to the environmental and biological factors that affect a person’s mental state. In her psychotherapy practice, Swati uses cognitive therapy as well as depth oriented psychology in order to work on the psychological part of the client’s  mental health picture, depending on the client’s presenting issue and psychological make-up. She combines this with two specific tools, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Mindfulness Meditation. She has long term training in both these tools as well as deep personal experience with the success of both tools for reaching a more harmonious state of mind.

Dr. Swati has conducted several workshops and lectures in the area of couples relationships, anxiety management, eating disorders, understanding mental illness, domestic violence, and mindfulness meditation. She has also published articles on some of these topics.

After several experiences accumulated through living in a multi-cultural settings, personal friendships, and professional training, Dr. Swati has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for Western emphasis on the Individual, alternative lifestyles, conflicting needs, and amazing qualities each one of us seems to bring to life. At the same time, she has also preserved the philosophical direction from her Eastern heritage and has extensively used it with clients with similar inclination. Swati lives with her husband and two children and enjoys her family and her meditation practice.